Do you always define your intent in prompts?

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Defining your intent clearly in a prompt is crucial for helping ChatGPT understand your goal and provide an appropriate response. When the model has a clear understanding of what you're asking, it's more likely to deliver the information or assistance you're seeking.

Here are some tips for defining your intent in prompts:

  • Be explicit about what you want ChatGPT to do or the type of information you're seeking
  • If your request has multiple components, break them down into separate parts within the prompt
  • Ensure your intent is evident even to someone with minimal background knowledge

"Can you tell me something about climate change?"

Figure: Bad example - The prompt is unclear and doesn't define the intent

"What are the primary human activities contributing to climate change and their impacts on the environment?"

Figure: Good example - the prompt clearly defines the intent by asking for specific information

"My goal is to reduce my household's energy consumption. Can you suggest five practical steps I can take to achieve this while still maintaining a comfortable living environment?"

Figure: Good example - the prompt clearly states the user's goal and asks for specific information to help achieve it, making it easier for ChatGPT to understand the desired outcome and provide relevant suggestions

By always defining your intent in your prompts, you can improve the quality of ChatGPT's responses and increase the likelihood of receiving the information or assistance you need.

Ulysses Maclaren
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