Do you always acknowledge your work?

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Why do so many interesting pages have no owner? There are countless articles on the web that have left the reader wondering: "Who wrote this? What is their background?

Sometimes, the only available link is author’s email, which doesn't say anything about them. Sure, contact info is often a good part of the biography, but it should not be the primary or only piece of data about the author.

Different article layouts can be:

  • Articles with a column and no authors listed - Very Bad
  • Articles with authors but no link to their biographies - Bad
  • Articles with authors but only a "mailto:" link for direct email - Average
  • Articles with an acknowledgements section and a link to the biographies - Good

Users often want to know the people behind information. Biographies and photographs of the authors help make the web a less impersonal place and increase trust. Personality and point-of-view always win over anonymity.

So every web page or document should have an owner and include a link with more information about the author.

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