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Do you avoid having "Reset" buttons on webforms?

Created on 24 Apr 2009 | Last updated by Tiago Araújo [SSW] on 12 Mar 2021 12:34 AM (about 1 month ago)

Why do web pages have "Reset" buttons? I have been entering forms on the web for more years than I care to remember, but have never needed to click this button. The worst thing is I have accidentally hit it a few times after - I have a habit of doing 3 things at once - it happens just after I have finished entering everything and click the first button.

More detailed information about this rule can be found in this article: Reset and Cancel Buttons.

Figure: The "Reset" button isn't useful at all

We have a program called SSW CodeAuditor to check for this rule.

We have a program called SSW LinkAuditor to check for this rule.

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