Do you choose the best way to send emails for your application?

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Sending email from your application is easy, most programming languages allow you to send an email. Formatting and getting proper feedback and data on your emails is a bit more complicated.

Enterprise software generally need to send emails for a range of reasons e.g. inviting users, multifactor authentication, registering users, marketing campaigns, so it is important to know the best ways to send an email.

1. Built-In Email commands

Generally, programming languages have a built-in way to send email e.g. PowerShell with Send-MailMessage and System.Net.Mail in .Net, and those commands generally use an SMTP server (external or internal). If you need a quick and dirty email, this is a good way.

2. Microsoft Graph API - Microsoft Recommended

Microsoft's recommended way of sending mail is through the Graph API. This is much more secure than just using any built-in commands and the command itself to send it is not much more complicated. You can check how to send email through the Graph API

3. Sendgrid - Recommended if you need a lot of features

Another way to send email is to use a third-party solution e.g. Sendgrid that gives you many more features over the normal email-sending mechanisms above e.g:

  • Integrated API
  • Click tracking
  • Spam management
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