Do you clean useless calendars in SharePoint?

Last updated by Brook Jeynes [SSW] 11 months ago.See history

Most SharePoint site templates contain a calendar list, this will bring lots of useless calendars.

Use the below PowerShell script to clean them:

$site = Get-SPSite("http://<site collection URL>/"); # Specify url here
foreach ($web in $site.AllWebs) {    
    $lists = $web.Lists
    for ($i=($lists.Count-1);$i -gt 0; $i--) {  
        $list = $lists[$i]
        #Write-host $i  $list.Title $list.BaseTemplate.ToString()
        if ($list.BaseTemplate.ToString().ToLower().contains('events')) {      
            if ($list.Items.Count -eq 0)
                Write-Host $list.Items.Count "items in the list" $list.Title '('$list.BaseTemplate') at '$web.Url "- cleaning it!"

This script will put the calendars which do not have any events into Site Settings | Recycle Bin:

Figure: Empty Calendars in Recycle Bin folder

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