Do you configure your TFS to be accessible from outside the network?

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  • TFS SP1 This feature called "Extranet Support" was added way back in TFS 2005 SP1 as per Stuff in the pipe for Team Foundation Server
  • A domain name or IP address forwarded to TFS (eg:
  • Port 8080 (this is port that TFS uses for source control)
  • Firewall/Router rule (ideally)

Tip: You can solve this with TFS Extranet Support:

Yes Port 8080 will work in most cases but not on the strictest networks, where only Port 80 is allowed.
Then you have to use port forwarding via a firewall/router rule (recommended) to forward port 80 to the TFS port, while in this way, you would lose the TFS SharePoint Portal and Reporting Services.

Rule to forward port 80 to the TFS port
Figure: Rule to forward port 80 to the TFS port

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