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Efficiency - Reuse - Do you create a report whenever you need a number from a system?

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Whenever you need a number from a system you should think of how you can create a report, so next time you can press a button to get the result.

If you found yourself doing ad-hoc reports, or random SQL queries, a few years ago, the best thing to do was to make sure the boss knows you could not find the data you needed, so he could commission a new report to be built.

Since 2015, the best practice is instead to jump into Power BI and build the report yourself.

Subject: Report needed

Dear boss,

Today I needed to find xxx and so I had to write a query to find it. You can find it at \server\Reports_Adhoc\SalesByRegion.xlsx

I suggest adding this into our Performance Point Cube so I could find it at a URL.


Figure - Bad Example: If you can't build it yourself, send an email to your boss for a number

Power BI.png

Figure - Good Example: Sate your own curiosity with Power BI

See Ulysses' video on how Power BI is the best tool for this:

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