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Do you create BCS connections to all your line of business (LOB) applications?

Created on 15 Dec 2009 | Last updated by System Account on 20 Oct 2010 08:57 AM (over 10 years ago)

In SharePoint 2007, we have Business Data Catalog to connect SharePoint to other line of business applications.
When you connect your other systems to SharePoint you can then have one central place to see your data:

  1. Microsoft CRM connected to SharePoint allows you to search for CRM contacts from SharePoint
  2. TFS connected to SharePoint lets you see the project documents and reports via SharePoint
  3. Your roster system connected to SharePoint allows you to see those calendars in SharePoint

In SharePoint 2010 – the Business Data Catalog is upgraded to the new Business Data Connectivity Service (BCS).

  1. It is a lot easier to plug-in
  2. Supports not just READ operations, but delete, update and create operations as well.
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