Do you customize your approach to your target market?

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Every target market is different, and each one will respond to different stimuli that tickle their particular fancy. It is a good idea to customize your marketing approach to consider the particular interests and needs of that group, both in terms of the substance of your pitch, and its style.

For example, say you are trying to sell your car. It's a nice new Holden, with a V8 under the hood and shiny new mag's. If an elderly person comes to have a look at your car, how do you sell it to them? You need to emphasise the features that will appeal to them.

At SSW, when a business owner walks in as opposed to a developer, we have to modify our pitch. While a business owner would probably be more interested in the general goals and how our solution is going to affect his business, a developer is more likely to want to know the technical details of the job and how it will be implemented.

The same applies to the style in which you put your case forward. Everyone has different taste when it comes to the way that they respond to a marketing pitch. Some people like simplicity so it would be useful to use diagrams, examples, and to make it logically structured. Some people like detail so you should dot the i's and cross the t's. Some people want to make a decision immediately - be prepared to accommodate this. Finally, some people want to think about it - again, be prepared for this scenario.

Following these simple rules will greatly enhance your chance of marketing success!

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