Do you do a pre-migration check on the SharePoint 2007 Server

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It is a good idea to run a pre-migration check on the SharePoint 2007 before starting the migration process.

  1. Check you have followed Do you add stsadm to the environmental variables?
  2. Open up cmd with Administrator privileges
  3. Run the following command: **stsadm –o preupgradecheck

** preupgradecheck ** Figure 3 - Check the pre-migration report. The only thing that is allowed to fail is “FeatureInfo”. This is because a custom feature won’t migrate and developers need to create a build targeted for SharePoint 2010 **

  1. Save the HTML file that was generated and email it to your companies SharePoint Master. (Don’t print it as its very large)
  2. Have the SharePoint Master sign off on the pre-migration check and inform you if there are any site collections or content sources that are no longer needed and can be ignored for migration
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