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Do you do a Retro Coffee after presentations?

Created on 18 Apr 2012 | Last updated by William Yin on 10 Sep 2015 11:18 PM (over 5 years ago)

Presentations at User Groups and other events are great for connecting with the developer community. After giving a presentation, you should always follow up with a few attendees to get feedback, find out what projects they’re working on, and potentially how you can help.

Pick a few attendees at random to follow up with, give them a call and ask if you can buy them a coffee. You should ask them:

  • What they thought of the session and whether they have any feedback
  • Whether there are any related topics they’d like to learn more about
  • What projects they are working on at the moment
  • Whether there are any issues they’re having with those projects

Read how this rule is also useful for account managers on Do you follow up course attendees for consulting work?

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