Do you document the details of your SharePoint 2007 web application

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When you move to SharePoint 2010, you will need to know the settings you had on your 2007 server. Therefore document all the settings from the SharePoint 2007 server, that you will need to re-create on the SharePoint 2010 server.

Fill in the following table. You will use this later when creating the new web application in SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint 2010 Web Application Option Where To Find This In SharePoint 2007 Answer
Authentication Provider Use  classic  unless you know you need  **claims based authentication
** Note: this is a new feature in SharePoint 2010.
New IIS website Name Application Management Web application list
Port Application Management Web application list
Port number will be listed on end of URL (if nothing its port 80)
Host Header Application Management Web application list
If a DNS name is  NOT  used, leave this blank.
Authentication Provider Application Management Authentication Providers
Allow Anonymous Application Management Authentication Providers
Use Secure Sockets Layer Check whether the SharePoint site URL like “ https ://***”
Public URL Automatically updated from Host Header
Application pool name Leave defaults
Security account for this application pool Leave defaults
Database Name Zz the database name so you know this will be replaced (read zzOldFiles)

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