Do you follow the campaign checklist for every marketing campaign?

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One of the most effective ways of launching an effective marketing campaign is to follow a checklist that includes company tried and tested strategies. This checklist should be filled out with the campaign details and then followed to execute the campaign.

Pre-Campaign Stage

  1. Select a name for the campaign
  2. Define the goals of the marketing campaign
  3. Define who is your target audience
  4. Summarize buyer persona
  5. Identify the 10 industry leaders (people) with large following we will target for promotion

    1. Create emails to send to each as per the rule of
    2. Create social media updates to send to each as per the rule do you contact industry influences to promote your campaigns?
  6. Identify companies and website with large followings we will target for promotion (ie Microsoft divisions)

    1. Create emails to send to each
    2. Create social media updates to send to each

Content Promotion

Content promotion strategy

  1. Define type of campaign
  2. Define Go live Date
  3. Define the Call to action
  4. Create the page to promote the campaign
  5. Add the campaign (if applicable) to the SharePoint list
  6. Optimize the page for SEO
  7. Add promotional banner to the homepage
  8. Add promotion to the monthly newsletter
  9. Add to the company blog
  10. Schedule the social media updates in Buffer
  11. Promote event in LinkedIn groups and Google+
  12. Pay Per Click

    1. Facebook and Instagram post promotions
    2. Google AdWords
    3. LinkedIn ads
  13. Work with SSW developers and account managers to promote the webinar to 3 of their clients or network each via phone call and email.
  14. Have SSW employees promote event over social media twice leading up to the webinar


  1. Add relevant content to an auto-responder email campaign

You can find a template to follow at SSW-Marketing-Campaign-Checklist-TEMPLATE_v1.docx

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