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Do you get a signed copy of the whole Terms and Conditions document (not just the last page)?

Created on 20 Nov 2012 | Last updated by Ulysses Maclaren on 16 Mar 2015 03:51 AM (about 6 years ago)

Often clients will see a multi-page T&C document with a box at the end that says sign here, and they will think that is the only important page and so sign it and send it back. However this can be a problem when you've got to provide evidence as to the content of the whole document they signed. To fix this issue, you can get them to re-send you through the entire document, but sometimes you don’t want to rock the boat. Here is another solution:

  1. Print out the section of the contract/T&C's the client sent
  2. Print off the balance of the pages from the relevant document (e.g. from the website) - of course it has to be the same document the client sent you a part of
  3. Scan the documents together as one document
  4. Email that entire document to the client

Dear Client. Because you only sent me the last page I printed the other pages and scanned all the pages as one document for convenience. If there any problems, please let me know

Figure - Good example: An elegant and helpful solution

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