Post-Production - Do you have digital on-screen graphics (aka DOG) on your videos?

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A digital on-screen graphic (or DOG) is a watermark logo image that broadcasters place in the corner of the screen area to create a brand identity for their program or broadcast.

Having a DOG is essential for a video to create instant professional brand recognition. It creates consistent branding that is visible no matter when or where the broadcast is played or replayed.

A video is often embedded in external pages and having the DOG asserts ownership of the broadcast and maintains a point of contact for the producer of the video.

You can also use a DOG to create interest and audience anticipation of future broadcasts.

A good DOG must:

  1. Be instantly recognizable
  2. Not obstruct the content
  3. Be in a semi-transparent format - usually 50 % transparent white
  4. Remain consistently placed throughout the broadcast

dog bad
Figure: Bad example - Channel ID is too obstructive and has unusual placement

dog good
Figure: Good example - DOG placed in lower right corner where it's not obtrusive

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