Do you have consistent way to store a same field?

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In Outlook the Street Address is stored as 1 Multi-Line field (with an intelligent Address Checker - nice but not essential), yet in Microsoft CRM the Street Address is split out across 3 separate single line text fields, they should be consistent.

Figure: Street Address in Outlook.

Figure: Street Address in CRM.

We consider Outlook is friendlier, because:

  1. The wrong data is entered often when you have Street 1, Street 2, Street 3.
  2. Often Street 2 and Street 3 is not needed so it is extra clutter for no reason.
  3. What do you do when you have Street 4.
  4. It is the same as

Of course, we might be wrong, because:

  1. Basically, it's not worth the effort - because it goes across multiple places in CRM like Leads and Opportunity (see test results from Adrian).
  2. Printing labels might be simpler - sizes would be fixed.

We have a suggestion for CRM about this at CRM and Outlook should be consistent with regards to Addresses.

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