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Do you have servers around the world and use CDN?

Created on 03 Sep 2014 | Last updated by Steven Andrews on 17 Sep 2019 01:01 AM (over 1 year ago)

Having a very popular website is great. The only problem is where to host it. If you host it in your local country then it is very fast for your local market but what about the market on the other side of the world? The solution to this is to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The solution is to have an origin server (can be multiple for loadbalancing) and Content Delivery Nodes in locations that have many users accessing the website. Users will be delivered content from the closest Node. This is possible with the help of Bind DNS server and a list of IP addresses and the country of origin.

CDN is provided by many cloud providers such as WPEngine, Azure, CloudFlare but can also be achieved by using opensource software such as JSDelivr, Cdnjs and many others.

It can also be achieved using IIS Outbound Rewrite rules. For example could be change to and be directed to another IIS server.

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