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Do you install the Android versions?

Created on 07 Apr 2014 | Last updated by William Yin on 23 Dec 2016 12:49 AM (over 4 years ago)

Installing MS Lync client on Andriod devices. Employees should be contactable no matter if they are in the office or not (at a client). By installing the Lync client, everyone knows where they are and if they are available to take calls or answer questions that may arise.

  1. Search for “Lync” in the Play store
    241b2b android playstore
    Figure: Search for Lync in Playstore
  2. Install the Lync client on device
  3. Set up Lync to sign into your account as follows:

lync signin
Figure: Lync sign in process

You just need to enter 3 fields:

* Sign in address is **your email address**
* Password is 
   **your AD password**
* Username is domain\username. For example SSW2000\davidberkes

Read more about implementing Microsoft Lync.

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