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Do you know how to book better flights?

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  1. Visit the sites below
  2. Enter the destinations with corresponding dates to receive a quote from each site
  3. Use the quotes to locate the best price or deal
  4. Compare all alternatives researched and select 3 of the best options. Make a recommendation for the option you feel is best (include reasons) and get their approval before booking
  5. Book the flight

These are the best sites to check in order of preference:

These are the best sites for flights within the US:

These are the best sites for flights within China:


  • Some travel companies, such as FlightCentre, are able to match or beat the prices quoted by their competitors so be sure to ask them for a competitive fare
  • Make sure that before comparing the prices the quotes include all the taxes/surcharges/fees
  • Booking sites often charge a fee for the service, for instance
  • Ensure that the quotes you receive are ‘flexible’ (i.e. they provide an option to alter the travelling dates once the tickets are purchased)
  • Remember to convert all prices to Australian dollars when comparing quotes
  • Avoid Paper tickets – they are hard to change. Go for E-tickets
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