Expenses - Do you know how to claim expense reimbursements?

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expense reimbursement

You should be reimbursed for all reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out your duties, which are above your normal costs, to and from the office.

A common example is bus and train fares to client sites. In Australia, amounts under $100 could be reimbursed through Petty Cash but in China, it would be around ¥300.

Remember to treat your company's money like your own and minimize costs where possible. Try to search around for a better price before committing to a purchase.

All expense claims must:

  • Be work-related
  • Be made within a week
  • Be signed by the claimant and authorized by the relevant Manager
  • Be supported by Tax Invoices
  • Not include alcohol, as it incurs FBT
  • Receipts should be in English (where possible), or you must write on the receipt what the expense is, and what it was for

Tip: If necessary, you can use the Google Translate app to translate your receipts by taking a photo!

🇨🇳 If you're in China, all-expense claims must:

  • Be work-related
  • Only Fapiao is available
  • Be made within a month
  • Be authorized by the relevant Manager
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