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Do you know how to effectively use non-standard font on your website?

Created on 16 Dec 2014 | Last updated by Lu Zhang on 25 Jul 2015 04:50 AM (over 5 years ago)

In some cases you may need to display text content on your page with a specific font. Unfortunately web browsers don't provide an easy way to deliver rich typography without sacrificing some functionality. Common approaches include:

  1. Display the text as an image
  2. sIFR
  3. Font stacking
  4. Google Fonts
  5. Self-hosting
  6. Webfont services

Each method mentioned above has their disadvantages. We discourage #1 - Images are bad for Google juice and cannot be selected; and #2 - sFIR uses old technology based on nearly dead Flash.

For more information on the differences between the other methods read: The best way to serve fonts to your website.

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