Calendar - Do you know how to share your availability via email?

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Sometimes your schedule is chockers and you want to be transparent!

Have you ever needed to send your calendar schedule to someone to figure out the best time to schedule a meeting with them? Figuring out when someone is available within your organization is usually easy, as Outlook can show you automatically using the Scheduling Assistant.

If you're trying to coordinate with someone outside of your organization, this can be more challenging. In Outlook you can easily include a copy of your calendar schedule to make this process easier.

To insert a nice looking calendar and .ics file attachment into your email in Outlook, do the following:

  1. New email in Outlook, go to the ribbon and select Insert / Calendar
  2. Select your options to insert the fancy HTML calendar and .ICS file in to the email:
  3. You now have a nice looking calendar showing your availability, ready to send: share-availability.jpg Figure: Pick your calendar, date range, and amount of detail
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