Do you know how to setup a PPTP VPN in Windows 7?

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On the computer that you want to setup the VPN:

  1. Go to Start | Control Panel SetupStep2

Figure 1 - Click on "View network status and tasks" 3. SetupStep3 Figure 2 - Click on "Setup a new connection or network" 4. SetupStep4 Figure 3 - Select "Connect to a workplace" 5. SetupStep5 Figure 4 - Click "Use my Internet Connection (VPN)" 6. SetupStep6 Figure 5 - Fill out "Internet Address" and "Destination Name" | Check "Don't Connect Now" 7. SetupStep7 Figure 6 - Enter your Username and Password 8. SetupStep8 Figure 7 - Close the wizard without connecting 9. SetupStep9 Figure 8 - Back in the Control Panel, click “Change adapter settings” 10. SetupStep10 **Figure 9 - Right click on your new VPN | Click "Properties"

  1. Click on the Networking tab
  2. 12. SetupStep12 Figure 10 - Click on "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" | Click "Properties" 13.Click the Advanced… button
  3. SetupStep14 Figure 11 - Uncheck "Use default gateway on remote network"
  4. Click OK on all of the open dialogs | Double click on the new VPN 16.You will notice your username and password is missing – retype these into the VPN connection
  5. Press Connect and your VPN should dial and connect
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