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Do you know the 6 stages in the Sales Pipeline?

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Any opportunity that has not yet been converted to a sale will be at one of the following 6 stages:

  1. Initial Phone Call

    • The client has made contact but no initial meeting has yet been made
  2. Initial Meeting – Booked

    • You've arranged an initial meeting and it's booked in
  3. Follow Up Meeting – Booked

    • In some cases, more than one initial meeting may be required before work or speccing commences
  4. Spec Review Proposal – Waiting for Approval

    • After the initial meeting, if the work requires it, a specification review is proposed
  5. Spec Review – Booked

    • The speccing phase has been approved and booked in
  6. Project Proposal – Waiting for Approval

    • After the spec review, the client has been given a proposal for a chunk of work. Once this is approved, the opportunity is closed as won

The old Sales Pipeline was 9 steps, whereas this new one is 6 steps.

old sales pipeline
Figure: Bad Example – the old sales pipeline

new sales pipeline
Figure: Good Example – the new sales pipeline

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