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Do you know the alternative to giving discounts?

Created on 05 Sep 2012 | Last updated by Danijel Malik on 17 Mar 2016 10:26 PM (about 5 years ago)

Some clients really want a discount. Most will be happy with a discount for pre-paying. Others won't go ahead until they feel they have got something more.

If a client asks for a further discount, try to add value by offering something else.


  • Some of your products at no charge
  • A Senior Consultant for 2 hours a month to complete the following tasks:

    • Code Review
    • UI Review

Also bear in mind that offers like 2 for 1 are better than 50% discount because:

  • You sell for the price you wanted instead of losing money - adding an extra person or a licence is inexpensive
  • You are adding value to what you are selling e.g. more people will turn up to the event
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