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Do you know the benefits of using source control?

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Source control is the backup of your code, as well as your change history to track changes.

With the source control, we can share project code and cooperate with other team members. Using it allows us to track changes, compare code, and even roll-back if required. Moreover, it keeps our code safe that is the most important.

Figure: Right-click a file and select Git | View History to see the changes in source control.

Figure: We can select different changesets and compare the changes

Figure: We can select different changesets and compare the changes. Blue = modified, Green = addition, Red = deletion

Figure: Right click a file and select Git | Blame (Annotate) to view the history on a segment basis

Figure: Use annotate to understand (or find the guy) to understand his thoughts before deleting/changing someone elses code

Figure: Annotation is great, but it gets even better when clicking the commit code gives you its full details

Don't just fix the problem, see who caused the problem and correct them. - Adam Cogan

Using VS Code? There are 2 awesome extensions to see history:

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