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Do you know the best way of managing recurring tasks?

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Recurring tasks are tasks that happen on a regular basis, but not necessarily every day (and therefore potentially easy to forget!). They might be personal tasks, such as changing the oil in your prized Datsun 120Y every six months, or booking a holiday for you and your partner a month before your anniversary. They could be work related tasks, such as updating your profile on the Microsoft Gold Partner website (every three months), running financial reports on a monthly basis, or even watering the office plants every week.

Now managing those tasks can be difficult. "Just stick an appointment in Outlook" - yes I've heard and tried that method. Outlook is perfect when you are the one performing the task. But it's nowhere near perfect if you're managing people who are allocated to perform the task. In fact it's a disaster, because when that person leaves, (or just changes job role) that scheduled task/reminder disappears with them.

The other problem with Outlook is if you are an organization that relies upon email as a to do/task list, Outlook doesn't send an automated email.

After reviewing a few different options, we decided using Google Calendar to manage recurring tasks was the best option.

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