Do you know the numbers you give clients?

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When working on an hourly basis, you can confuse clients when sometimes you try to talk about a few hours here and a few hours here or there.

Simply things and just give them these 3 numbers:


$ Billed to date __$xx__(accurate on Tuesday)
Burndown Days Remaining __8__
Calendar Days Booked __4days x 2__
Next meeting (for Review and Retro)

Hi Andrew, Please find the Burndown report below. I have looked at a few tasks with Zune and re-estimated them.

  • Product owner:Andrew
  • Scrum master:Paul
  • Team:Mark L,Zune,Tristan,Trevor
  • $ Billed to date:$20,000
  • Days remaining:(around 50 hours based on chart below)=7+days
  • Days booked in are 4 days x 2

    • ML and ZV - Mon 5th
    • ML and ZV - Tue 6th
    • ML and ZV - Mon 12th
    • ML and ZV - Tue 13th
  • Only the 14th we will

    • Move any remaining tasks to Sprint 4
    • Have a Review Meeting (show and tell) at 10am – 2 hours
    • Have a Retrospective Meeting at 12 noon – 2 hours
    • Have a Planning Meeting at 2pm

      Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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