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Do you know the tools you need before a "Test Please"?

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Don't let your client find bugs in production that they would have found if you had asked them to do a 'Test Please' 1st Better still... Don't let your client find bugs that your internal tester would have found. Better still... Don't let your tester find bugs that a tool could have found?

So, prior to a version being submitted to the client, these are the 4 steps you should follow:

  1. Perform automated testing with tools:

    • SSW Link Auditor (for Web Apps)
    • SSW Code Auditor (for all Apps)
    • SSW SQL Auditor (for all Apps with databases)
    • SSW SQL Deploy's Reconcile (for all Apps with databases) 
    • Visual Studio Team System Code Analysis (optional)
  2. Perform automated testing via Unit Tests

    • nUnit (for Windows Apps), or
    • Visual Studio Team System Unit Tests (for Web Apps)
  3. Perform an internal "Test Please" (aka "Alpha Testing" e.g. only testing that pages or forms load, not checking the business rules)
  4. Then send a "Test Please" to the client (aka "Acceptance Testing" to check the business rules)
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