Do you know to regularly do a Get Latest from TFS?

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It is important to regularly do a "Get Latest" to make sure you are using the most recent version of the code. In a team, if you go too long without doing a Get, you are more likely to encounter inconsistencies and will have to spend time merging your code.

As part of your team process, you should make sure all developers are doing a Get Latest on a regular basis for each project they are working on. This is in line with Do you Follow a Test Drive Process? rule.

Tip: To find out when you or another developer last did a Get from TFS, you can use the Workspace Sidekick in Team Foundation Sidekicks. If you're the TFS Master, you should do this every couple of weeks to make sure your team is regularly retrieving files from TFS.

Figure: This report shows the last time each user did a Get from TFS

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