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Do you know to use Save, Save and Close on a webpage?

Created on 27 Nov 2014 | Last updated by Dennis Heer on 12 Oct 2016 01:35 AM (over 4 years ago)

When the user is creating or editing data on a webpage, there are 2 buttons and one link you need to provide.

These three options are:

  • Save (button) - Saves the data and allows the user to keep editing
  • Save and Close (button) - Saves the data and returns to the previous screen
  • Cancel (link) - returns to the previous screen

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Figure: Bad example - only provided Savebutton and Cancellink

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Figure: Good example - CRM 2013 provides a Save button a nd a Save and Close button

2014 11 27 11 47 40 compressor

Figure: Better example - SugarLearning provides a Savebutton, a Save and Close button and a Cancellink

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