Do you know what a PBI Owner is responsible for?

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The role of the PBI Owner is like a mini project manager. The PBI Owner resolves any road blocks, performs the “Test Please” and makes sure there is a good presentation at the Review Meeting. In addition having a PBI Owner makes it easy for Product Owners and others to talk to the right person.

There are five things that the story owner is responsible for:

  • Manage / Own the story and its sub tasks
  • Make sure a “Test Please” is conducted (or that their story is included in one)
  • Make every effort to show the story to the Product Owner before the Sprint Review (aka a corridor conversation)
  • Prepare for the Sprint Review. Make sure he ready for the review. Have a scribe, have a demo plan/script and get the story accepted quickly.
  • Present the completed Story at the Sprint Review

Note: Make sure you are ready for the review. Have a scribe and how you are demoing worked out before hand.

The objective of the Review meeting is to have the story accepted quickly.

Figure: Out of the box the Microsoft Scrum Template supports a ‘Story Owner’ via the ‘Owned By’ field*

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