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Do you know when to build a WP app over an iPhone app?

Created on 25 Nov 2014 | Last updated by Rebecca Liu on 05 Aug 2015 12:41 AM (over 5 years ago)
  1. If your app is built on Silverlight today. Stop building things on Silverlight today.
  2. Reasons are:

    • Time to market
    • Lower cost
    • Reuse MVVM
    • Reuse Silverlight controls
    • Reuse the Business and Data layer
  3. The Biggest thing going for windows phone is:

    • .NET dev shops
    • Environment more productive than xcode

    Note: WP7 is built on Silverlight 3 (not Silverlight 4) Note: WP7 was built by a 'web team' not "Rich client app team', so some issues exist:

    • Bing map control relies on host page (authentication)
    • Avoid using System.Windows.Browser.dll in your Silverlight App (as it works only OOB on desktop) and you will have to use a different control on Windows Phone 7
  4. Others reasons are:

    • You can deploy your app without going through the appstore/market place. E.g. my SSW business app

| Appstore: | No | | --- | --- | | Market place: | Yes | * Turn around through the appstore is quicker:

| Appstore: | 1-3 weeks | | --- | --- | | Market place: | 2 days (Quicker since it is managed code. Unmanaged code is easy to spot) | * App store is blocking applications MS won't.

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