Do you label your form buttons consistently?

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If buttons with similar functionality are named inconsistently across an app, it can cause a confusing experience for users. For example, the buttons used to close a form should be named consistently across your app.

Additionally, buttons should have clear names so the user knows what to expect. For example, it is unclear if a button named "close" will save (or not save) when closing, so "cancel" would be clearer.

Figure: Bad Example - Unclear labels on the buttons

  • Save button could possibly update the fields but keep the form open.
  • Close could save the fields, then close the form, when the Cancel button may be more appropriate.

We recommend the age-old standards of:

  • OK . Close the form and save any changed data. This should be referenced by the form's AcceptButton property.
  • Cancel . Close the form without saving. This should be referenced by the form's CancelButton property.
  • Apply . Save data without closing the form.

Figure: Good Example - This form uses the standard button naming standards (and has the Default buttons set!)

We have a program called SSW Code Auditor to check for this rule.

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