Do you link your commits to a PBI?

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In order to get better clarity on what work is done, it's a good idea to connect your PBI's and tasks to the commits, branches and pull requests that relate to the item. All commits, branches and pull requests should be linked to a PBI.

no linked commit
Bad Example: No linked commit's, branches or pull requests

link branch to pbi
Good Example: Git branch linked to PBI in TFS

Note: If you create your branches through Azure DevOps then you can link them during creation.

link pbi during creation
Good Example: Using Azure DevOps to link PBI during creation

Here is a handy resource for linking work items:

Note: You can setup Branch Policies on your main branches to enforce this behaviour.

add branch policy for linked items
Good Example: Branch Policy on the master branch to enforce linked work items on pull requests

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