Do you manage requests for event refunds effectively?

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Every now and then, a client will purchase training or event passes and be unable to attend. In this scenario, 2 things should occur in order:

  1. They should be offered an alternative. This is important as if they needed the training, they may well appreciate being given the option. This requires a conversation with the client and the alternative options are:

    1. A different date that the same course is being run.
    2. A different course that interests them.
    3. An equivalent dollar value of developer time to come onsite.
  2. If they decline and ask for a refund instead, then this should be processed immediately. This is absolutely vital as delaying giving a client their money back rapidly decreases their opinion of the integrity of your company.

As an example, this means that the Accountant can always issue a refund for an event immediately, without any further approval needed from the boss, so long as at least 1 alternative has been verbally offered to the client (normally by the Account Manager)

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