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Teamwork - Do you manage up? (Give a recommendation)

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Managing up is providing your manager with an option to approve, rather than asking a general question.

What do you want to charge for Cameron's rate?

Figure: Bad Example - Nothing to approve

What do you want to charge for Cameron's rate?

I would advise the standard $165 + GST until he has more experience.

  1. Please approve.

Figure: Good Example - Option to approve

When you are giving someone multiple options you should:

For example:

We want to integrate our database with our website so that customers can purchase online.

The choices:

Option A - Buy a ready-made solution - The ready-made solution is cheap but it does not have everything that we need and has unnecessary features.

Option B (Recommended) - Customize a ready-made solution - We are able to get rid of redundant features and change it to meet our requirements. It is cheaper than building a new solution from scratch.

Option C - Build a new solution using a third party company - It will be expensive and it will take a long time.

Please let me know if you're happy to proceed with our recommendation, otherwise let me know if you have any questions.

Figure: Good Example - Multiple options to approve with reasons for each

complexity and false hope
Figure: Hard decision - this guy needs to state why he recommends this option

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