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Communication - Do you notify others about what is happening in the company?

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When something happens in your company, always send around an email so that the whole team is kept in the loop.

Examples of events that you should send an email around for:

  • An update to a company standard or procedure (including a link to it)
  • Births and marriages
  • Employees who are starting or finishing
  • Anything significant that is happening in your life

You should really feel free to share any good news you have with everyone. It will make the office feel more like a family and not just a place to turn up to work. Subject RE: Vacation

                 Hi Guys, 

                 I'm heading to Sanya with my wife and kid this weekend. I still remember the good time I had there last year at the MVP China Summit; also I think I need to recharge myself a little bit after long time working over 12 hours almost every day. 

                 Pretty excited right now as this will be the very 1st official trip that I take with my kid. I hope he likes the beach. 

                 Be prepared for more photos from my Nikon D80, I think it will be having a hard time during these 5 days.

                 Will be back next Thursday, so if you need me for anything, call my mobile by skypein: \*\*\*\* \*\*\*\* (if you are in Sydney), or 139 \*\*\*\* \*\*\*\* (if you are in Beijing) 
                                      Figure: Good Example - Notify and give contact details
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