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Do you perform a background check?

Created on 04 Sep 2012 | Last updated by Ulysses Maclaren on 05 Jul 2016 01:23 AM (almost 5 years ago)

Not all clients are created equal, and sometimes it's a good idea to do a quick risk assessment before commencing work.

If a new client calls up in a rush and you've never heard of them, what steps do you take before jumping straight in to billable work?

The easiest method is to check they are a legitimate company via a quick Google search:

  • Do they turn up in the results?
  • Do they have a webpage?
  • Does the webpage look legitimate (not just thrown together)?
  • Is the "Contact Us" address and/or phone number the same as the one they provided?

Wanted Poster **Figure: Make sure you know who you're going into business with

** With this information you can then rank them from "Not a Risk" all the way up to "Huge Risk" (the kind with neon flashing lights and all) and decide whether or not to go ahead with the business deal.

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