Do you provide UX details when reporting a bug?

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The better you describe the problem you had, the more effective will be the solution.

Make sure you always explain and give as much details as you can of how you got an error or a bad experience.

Where is TV.SSW on the navigation?

Figure: Bad example - Lack of details

  1. Navigated to
  2. Scrolling down looking for a big graphic like "CHECK OUT SSW TV! CLICK HERE!" (Nothing) Me, thinking… "Hmm… let's try the menu at the top..."
  3. About Us? Nope.
  4. Services? Nope.
  5. Products and Support? Nope.
  6. Training? Nope.
  7. User Group? Nope.
  8. Rules? Nope. Me, thinking... "OK. Now where? Most likely, the SSW company description will list it..."
  9. Navigates to About Us.
  10. Me, scrolls down… nothing. Me, thinking... "OK. Weird. Let's go back."
  11. Me, goes back to homepage. Me, thinking… "Is there a site map?"
  12. Scrolls to bottom of page. Clicks sitemap link. Me, thinking... "Ctrl+F for TV? Nope."
  13. Me, gives up… types to try and get lucky. Huzzah!

Figure: Good example - We can easily identify more the one way to improve the UX

Better than a good description of the bug is a screen recording. This should be followed for a more detailed report. Use Snagit (preferred) or Jing to record your screen.

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