Do you send Control4 notifications when to let people know when an Alarm is triggered?

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Don't let important alarm events go unnoticed! With Control4, you can set up notifications to keep everyone informed when an alarm is triggered. 📣🚨

This uses the "Push Notification" agent in Control4.

To ensure that people are promptly notified when an alarm is triggered in Control4, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Control4 Composer software and navigate to your project. 🏠
  2. Access the "Agents" section in and create an "Alarm Triggered" push notification. This is the message that will appear on whoever has the app installed when it triggers!🔒

Figure: Good example - You can also create Push notifications for other purposes

  1. When done, go to "Programming", and go to your Security Panel driver that handles alarms.
  2. Add the "Send Push Notification" action in Composer. 📧💬
  3. Customize the notification message to include relevant details such as the type of alarm, the location, and any additional instructions. 📝
  4. Test the alarm system by triggering an alarm event. 🚨
  5. Ensure that the notifications are being sent to mobile phones with the Control4 app installed. 📲🏡
  6. (Optional) Follow our "Do you send Control4 notifications to a Slack channel?" to send this alert to other channels.

Figure: Good example - Creating an action when the alarm state is on, meaning the alarm has been triggered

That's it! Now, whenever an alarm is triggered in your Control4 system, the configured notifications will be sent to the designated recipients, keeping everyone informed and enhancing security. 🙌

Remember, timely notifications are crucial in ensuring a swift response to alarm events. By setting up Control4 notifications, you can provide peace of mind and enhance the overall security of your premises. 🚀🔒

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