Do you send Morning Goals? (This rule is out of date)

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This rule has been archived
Archived Reason: We no longer do this, we now do our daily stand-up meetings (Scrums) because it is more effective with interactions between team members.

(An alternative to morning goals is having daily stand up meetings (scrums) which is more effective for interactions between team members and the client/manager. We now prefer scrums.)

Before a day starts it is not only important to have a list of what you plan on achieving that day but to communicate that list to your manager and/or client. This not only keeps you accountable but allows your superior to change your priorities if needed.

You can use eXtreme Emails to communicate your "Morning Goals" using the following method:

Figure: Sample Morning Goals Email

  • Forward the previous morning goal from yesterday, striking out completed items
  • Comment (in a different colour) and give the reason whether any items were not completed
  • Copy outstanding items to today's morning goals, appending any new information
  • If we are working on-site we always send our morning goals from our SSW mail account, not an internal account the client may choose to give us. This enables us to keep a record of the email, and also keeps the branding consistent. If this is not possible, we always CC our SSW account (and then move the emails into your "Saved Items" when you get back to the office)
  • If something more important arises during the day, we note it down on the next days morning goals.
  • If a task is huge (e.g. clean up my email inbox) and we only aim to do a portion of it, we say so in the morning goals as well.

Figure: Morning Goal Item with a mini goal (140 emails)

CC the people you are working with on the email.

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