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Do you set a specific time to follow up a prospect?

Created on 05 Sep 2012 | Last updated by Ulysses Maclaren on 14 Jan 2014 07:07 AM (over 7 years ago)

Sometimes the prospect is not ready at the end of the initial meeting to engage you for a spec review or ad-hoc work. Even if this is the case, it's really important you leave the meeting with a crystal clear future about the next stage and when that will be. Every prospect needs an intelligently scheduled follow-up activity.

So, at the end, ask the prospect: "When would be a good time to meet next?" Next Friday "Cool, speak then" Figure: Bad example: The client really won't remember this "When would be a good time to meet next?" Next Friday "Do you have your calendar?" Sure, hold on "What time suits best?" Let's say 3pm "Cool, Do you want to send the appointment or should I?" Figure: Good example: Asking them lots of questions and setting a specific time and date for the next meeting (or phone call)
This will ensure that the follow up meeting or phone call gets a much better chance of happening... Basically the prospect sets this up and will feel a certain indirect obligation.

The other way to schedule a follow up is using Followupthen.

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