Security - Do you use service accounts?

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Archived Reason: This rule is now outdated, service accounts are useful but gMSAs and other kinds of secure identities should be used instead - replaced by

Do you use service accounts for recurring tasks and systems, or do you use user and personal accounts?

As a rule, you should never use a user account for accessing systems, reports, tasks and other long-running applications that do not need human or user interaction to run.

Service accounts provide a security context where the applications run, without the need to worry about their passwords or privileges. If a user changes their password, you will not break anything, because service account password normally does not expire and changing them is never needed.

Also, if the security of a user account is breached, you do not have to worry about any other systems being compromised - that account was not being used to run any applications. Always keep your service accounts passwords safe and complex, and you will never need to worry about it.

Kaique Biancatti
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