Do you use Solution Folders to Neatly Structure your Solution?

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All the DLL references and files needed to create a setup.exe should be included in your solution. However, just including them as solution items is not enough, they will look very disordered (especially when you have a lot of solution items). And from the screenshot below, you might be wondering what the _Instructions.docx is used for...

SSW   Rules  NET Projects   Bad Solution

Bad example - An unstructured solution folder

An ideal way is to create "sub-solution folders" for the solution items, the common ones are "References" and "Setup". This will make your solution items look neat and in order. Look at the screenshot below, now it makes sense, we know that the _Instructions.docx contains the instructions of what to do when creating a setup.exe. SSW   Rules  NET Projects   Good Solution

Good example - A well structured solution folder has 2 folders - "References" and "Setup"

We have a program called SSW Code Auditor to check for this rule.
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