Do you use Trace.Fail or set AssertUIEnabled="true" in your web.config?

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Have you ever seen dialogs raised on the server-side? These dialogs would hang the thread they were on, and hang IIS until they were dismissed. In this case, you might use Trace.Fail or set AssertUIEnabled="true" in your web.config.

See Scott's blog Preventing Dialogs on the Server-Side in ASP.NET or Trace.Fail considered Harmful  public static void ExceptionFunc(string strException) {     System.Diagnostics.Trace.Fail(strException); } Figure: Never use Trace.Fail <configuration>    <system.diagnostics>       <assert AssertUIEnabled="true" logfilename="c:\log.txt" />    </system.diagnostics> </configuration> Figure: Never set AssertUIEnabled="true" in web.config <configuration>    <system.diagnostics>       <assert AssertUIEnabled="false" logfilename="c:\log.txt" />    </system.diagnostics> </configuration> Figure: Should set AssertUIEnabled="false" in web.config

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