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Does your domain have power?

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This is not one of the main ones, but still relevant. Your domain name is important!

  • Try to use the exact match to your product or service, when possible – Example: if you search for the word car, it’s more likely that the first search result will have “car” on it.
  • The seniority of your website (5 months domain vs 5 years domain).
  • Avoid using dashes on your domain name, as it will make it harder for people to find you, besides reducing your website relevance. It's also harder to remember if they see it somewhere else.
  • It’s a good idea to set your domain to auto-renew to ensure that you never forget to renew your domain registration. Don’t be like Australian PM Scott Morrison who lost control of his domain name to a prankster.


Figure: Bad example - What happens when you lose your domain to a prankster and you are the PM.


Figure: Good Example - This website has its main product 'car' in their domain.

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