Does your website have an 'About Us' section?

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One of the first things you need to include when building a website is an 'About Us' section. An 'About Us' section gives the website credibility and more importantly gives readers an overview of you and your company.

At SSW we based our 'About Us' page on 4 criteria; these are 4 aspects that we feel potential clients would want to know. Below is an example of the most important aspects we felt needed to be addressed on the SSW 'About Us' page:

  1. Target

    • Our location - Sydney
    • We specialise 'in .NET solutions for ...'
    • Products offered: 24 developer utilities for .NET developers
  2. Credibility

    • SSW has been running Microsoft .NET User Group for 10 years
    • Chief Architect is the Australian Microsoft Regional Director
  3. Services Offered

    • Technologies we use
    • Customized software solutions
  4. Goals

    • To develop customized solutions for each client to meet specific specifications

To see the final result of these standards, see SSW 'About Us'.

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