Do you establish the world for your audience?

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Video: Drone Shots of the SSW Offices - France, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hangzhou

Drone footage of Sydney and Newcastle captured by: William Fardell (

When creating video content, it's crucial to start by setting up the world and the location where your content is taking place. This initial impression can significantly impact how your audience engages with your video.

One effective way to achieve this is through the use of drone footage.

Why establishing the world matters

  • Professionalism - Incorporating drone footage signals a commitment to high-quality production, which can leave a lasting positive impression on your audience
  • Visual impact - Drone shots can showcase epic landscapes and unique perspectives, captivating viewers and making your content visually engaging
  • Spatial awareness - By showing the environment from above, drone footage helps viewers understand the geographical context of the video's location

Video: No establishing shots. The video starts abruptly without establishing the setting, leaving viewers confused about where the content is taking place

Video: Establishing shots using a drone 0:20 - 0:32. The video begins (after the hook) with stunning drone footage of the scenic location, setting the stage for the content and immersing the audience in the world of the video

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