Efficiency - Do you know the quickest way to fix small web errors?

Last updated by Brady Stroud [SSW] about 1 month ago.See history

Imagine this scenario... A designer notices a small typo on an intranet page. As a good employee, they open up the backlog and create a PBI to fix the spelling error. Then send a "to myself" to action.

Meanwhile they are thinking... "That took more time to report the error than it would have taken me to fix it".

Small errors should be fixed by the person who found them straight away. Text changes can be easily done in SharePoint, WordPress, or GitHub.

Bear in mind that communication is indispensable. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that other individuals connected to that content are informed about the fixes/changes through either an @mention or a brief instant message (IM).

Epecially if you find out who the culprit is, it is a good idea to notify that person including the things you have fixed, so it doesn't happen again.

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